Resource efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Control Point recently conducted a resource efficiency survey for a specialist hand tool manufacture, appraising the economic viability and carbon savings for industrial waste heat recovery, thermal insulation, draft exclusion, and waste segregation.

If your business is in the Leeds LEP catchment, and provided you are B2B you could be entitled to resource efficiency support. For further information follow the following link:

Circular Economy

A circular economy helps decouple economic growth from resource constraints. This is done by creating economic activities that make more effective use of materials, thus retaining as much of their value as possible by circulating them at their highest value at all times.

Control Point are awarded a contract by a UK furniture manufacture to assist the build and financing of a new circular lease model, furniture as a service. Establishing the new business case, leveraging grant funding and third-party finance.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recently published a fantastic circular economy resource, a framework to help companies kickstart circular economy initiatives within their procurement process.