Major acceleration in clean innovation is needed to meet net-zero emissions.

Improved efficiency & clean energy are fundamental for achieving climate goals, but there are large portions of emissions that will require the use of other technologies. Many of these emissions come from sectors where the technology options for reducing them are limited – such as shipping, trucks, aviation and heavy industries like steel, cement and chemicals. Decarbonising these sectors will largely demand the development of new technologies not yet in use. 

Developing & optimising technologies or systems to deliver targeted outcomes absorbs a great deal of time & finite resources, understandably this is the core focus for many innovators.

However, it is vital for successful investment & deployment that innovators hold an in-depth knowledge of their market(s), not only to quantify the scale of market opportunity but also to clearly understand the technical, commercial, & regulatory market expectations. Without a reliable evidence base an innovator may find their solutions misaligned, up take is troublesome or there is lack of investor confidence.

Is your innovation correctly aligned with this market expectation? how are you positioned against your competitors? are you confident with price points? 

We have completed numerous multi-million-pound market appraisals for SME and plc businesses, the basis for investment & market entry, some of our appraisals have included:

  • European fly ash;
  • European virgin, black pellet & waste wood;
  • South East Asian thermal power;
  • South African thermal power;
  • Wastewater treatment
  • UK onshore wind;
  • Organic wastes for biogas;
  • Solid recovered fuels;
  • Furniture and upholstery.


Our research activities, include:

  • Market research & analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Price analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology appraisals
  • Strategic appraisals

“Commercial propositions are at the heart of our service, past success has been based upon our ability to combine technical understanding with  market and regulatory requirements.”


We are APM trained professionals, with over 20 years industrial experience, operating in multiple sectors, both private and public, developing low carbon services & infrastructure. We can assist you with all your development needs, business plan, funding access, partners, & deployment.

Case Studies

Innovator Focus

Bulk Mineral Drying (FOAK)

Our services supported the commercialisation of a FOAK technology used in the beneficiation of minerals for cement manufacture. The process is a disruptive technology, used in liberating alternative materials to limestone, a high CO2 emitter.

CDM Biomethane Gas to Grid

Our services entailed project management & contract management services, including supervision of contractors for biomethane gas scrubbing plant.

We secured £400k in contract variations for the client, the project secured grid connection & commissioning in accordance with programme.


“Control Point are a highly reliable & diligent service provider, their versatility and ability to decipher complex technical topics on behalf of multiple stakeholders was highly valued for our investment appraisals. I can highly recommend Control Point.” 

PP Asset Management


“We were really grateful to have Control Point on board; they managed a pretty difficult and demanding situation during project deployment. They approached the role with professionalism and integrated well as a member of the development team.”


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