Control Point is a highly professional technical resource for supporting the development and deployment of low carbon ventures and investments.

Our depth of industrial experience and proven commercialisation expertise will speed your development process, address those risks which impact viability and mature the venture.

Risk is an inevitable part of innovation; however, success depends on being able to manage & respond to risks adequately securing the right skills and competence is critical.

Control Point has established a partnership with CATCH Technical, a unique proposition for low carbon ventures. Further information can be found on our partner’s page.

This strategic relationship combines the best of Charted engineering with our commercial risk management, satisfying multiple sectors including energy, waste, water, chemical, engineering, construction, manufacturing etc.

Commercial Services

  • Project & programme management
  • Market analysis & development
  • Price validation and analysis
  • Technical sales support
  • Supply chain agreements
  • Site development and securitisation
  • Planning & permitting

Technical Services

  • Risk registers
  • Procurement support
  • Operating and systems procedures
  • Management team consultancy
  • Safety, Health and Environmental
  • Quality Assurance systems

Have a specific need not listed? Drop us a line to explore how we can help you.

Investor Focus!


We are accomplished at understanding technical value, defining competitive advantage & improving alignment with market. 

  • Market research & analytics 
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology appraisals


We will assist you with surveying market options, establishing points of leverage to secure the terms you need quickly.

  • Technical contracting
  • Heads of terms
  • Supply chain solutions 
  • Development programmes


Our services will strengthen the commercial case, mitigate technical risks & define market value.

  • Due diligence activities
  • Risk mitigation
  • Option appraisals
  • Market scaling
  • Modelling


We are APM trained, with over 20 years industrial experience operating in multiple sectors, both private and public, developing low carbon services and infrastructure.

  • Management Team Support
  • Project Management
  • Operating Procedures 
  • Technical Sales Improvement
  • Quality Assurance

Need Help With Your Venture's Development or Viability?